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About Us / Why Prudent Mining

Clean & Renewable Energy

With low hydroelectricity rates, reliable infrastructure, innovative universities and supportive policymakers, the province of Quebec provides ideal conditions.


This Data Center facility specializes in hosting high-density computer hardware requiring substantial access to both power and cooling

Industry Leading Prices

Our low overhead costs allow us to provide our customers with industry-leading prices to keep their bottom-line in check.

Superior technical know-how

Data Center company we contracted has created, maintained for 15 years and currently sold Tier 1 data center in Canada, so the experienced executives have assembled a leadership team that possess proven technical expertise.

Low Cost Power

PridentMining.com has secured contract providing us with green hydroelectricity at one of the lowest prices globally.

Hassle Free Setup

Plug and play to start mining.

Why Choose Us



  • 24/7 Maintenance.
  • Staff is available to monitor all miners to ensure 99% uptime
  • Minimal downtime with onsite technicians.
  • Unlike most of the host services, we have no minimum order volume which allow customer to try our service with as little as 1 miner.
  • The facility is expanding our electrical quota.
  • Our full service hosting fees include set-up, monitoring, cleaning, and reinstallation of firmware when needed.
  • Our hosting rates are competitive and the standard contract is month-to-month.
  • Live Video Streams.

Why choose Canada


Some countries want to get rid of crypto mining operations or regulate it to death, others are unsafe, some have hot climate, making it expensive to cool data centers and some have high import duties for importing mining equipment. Most countries in the world have high, prohibitive electricity rates. There are just few places on the globe, where mining farms can have it all, namely some countries in Northern Europe and Canada.


  • Canadian government does not intervene with business and until now has not had any stand on crypto mining, nor does it have any plans to regulate.
  • Canada is absolutely neutral to crypto miners, safe country in general, built infrastructure, high speed internet, highly educated IT work force, predictable business practices and no prohibiting import duties.
  • Canada has an abundance of green, inexpensive hydro energy and cool climate most of the year. It’s 2 official languages- English and French make it easy to communicate with clients from everywhere.
  • It’s on par with Northern Europe on all major issues, but the electrical rates in Quebec, Canada are lower- a crucial advantage for mining business! Right now it’s probably the best country for mining operations, considering all factors.